A review of the impact of the declaration of independence document to the american society

Delaware cast no vote because the delegation was split between Thomas McKeanwho voted yes, and George Readwho voted no.

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Feldman Publishing. Eventually 56 delegates signed, although all were not present on August 2. Green, Chairman of the Joint Committee on the Library, agreed that the transfer should take place but stipulated that it would be necessary to have his committee act on the matter.

That evening, while the White House and other government buildings were burning, the Declaration was stored 35 miles away at Leesburg. Previously, Maryland's delegates had walked out when the Continental Congress adopted Adams's radical May 15 preamble, and had sent to the Annapolis Convention for instructions.

Parliament enacted a series of measures to increase revenue from the colonies, such as the Stamp Act of and the Townshend Acts of Over a period of 2 days, they performed mending of small tears, removed excess adhesive and the "scotch" tape, and rejoined the detached upper right corner.

One candidate for the task of restoration was William J. Stone when in he was commissioned by Secretary of State John Quincy Adams to make a facsimile of the entire Declaration, signatures as well as text. On October 3, Putnam took up the matter of a permanent location. Two early facsimile printings of the Declaration were made during the second decade of the 19th century: those of Benjamin Owen Tyler and John Binns After departing from Washington at p.

By its order of January 18, however, Congress required that "an authentic copy of the Declaration of Independency, with the names of the members of Congress subscribing to the same, be sent to each of the United States, and that they be desired to have the same put upon record.

Assuming that the Declaration moved with the Congress, it would have been back in Philadelphia from March to September

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Declaration of Independence