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Bear is just a really good note app. The great thing about Google Keep is the way that it allows you to easily utilize several different designs that are perfect for a variety of notes.

By default, it uses a modified version of Markdown, but a compatibility mode is available. If your editor wants to track changes in Microsoft Word, you can export to that format, or a variety of others.

It can publish to a number of blogging formats or export to HTML. Granted, I haven't used this app with any other stylus. Scratch Notes are just quick notes about anything you want to jot down. In other words, you want to doodle and design while being able to use those doodles and designs for more productive purposes.

In the case of Noteshelf 2, those improvements mean that this app builds upon the already fantastic design and style elements that made the original such a success.

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Compared to the others I tried, I liked Noteshelf's responsiveness. That may sound like a line, but it really works that well. It is free as long as you create no more than cards each month. Another difference between Scrivener and Ulysses is the way they handle documents.

Penultimate is an app for those same users. It includes templates, an outliner, writing goals, and publishing features.

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