An analysis of themes in the remains of the day by kazuo ishiguro

Dignity,p13 So the Roman connects the meaning of dignity with social status and according to them it is only for upper class.

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Ironically, Stevens has the most dignity when he steps out of his professional shell and exhibits human emotion. Stevens, upon leaving Darilngton Hall, suddenly realizes that there is a world outside rigid formality.

The tone of the novel is often wistful or nostalgic for the past; as the story goes on, the tone deepens into one of regret as Stevens reevaluates his past actions and decisions, and finds them unwise.

Sexual Repression Miss Kenton has managed to find a balance between her duties and her own human qualities - specifically her ability to temper human sexual desire with her ability to remain a professional.

Stevens loses his father, Miss Kenton, and eventually his hope of convincing Miss Kenton to return to Darlington Hall. Ego vs.

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Dignity vs. Ironically, Stevens has the most dignity when he steps out of his professional shell and exhibits human emotion. NEXT The Remains of the Day focuses on the life of a butler who has devoted his entire life to his profession, with very, very little time to spare for a personal life. Miss Kenton also openly says at the end of the novel that she often regrets the choices she has made in her own life. Miss Kenton grows increasingly frustrated by his limitations and subtly begs him to just confess his love for her so they might both live their lives to fulfillment. Every time he wants to compliment Miss Kenton or reach out to her romantically, he can only do it in the context of their work. Stevens sees himself fully as an extension of Lord Darlington at this point - without his own desires or identity. Ishiguro sets many example exploring this point like his attitude in the death of his father. Miss Kenton loses her aunt, her only relative; and loses Stevens when she leaves to marry a man she does not love. Human, animals , and plants alike. But at the end of a twenty-year journey, when Stevens finally does find her again, we discover that Miss Kenton never did come to terms with her settling - but only recently has accepted that she will never find the passionate love to which she aspired. Upstairs vs. In the case of Miss Kenton, for instance, she always loved Stevens and fully gave him the chance to intervene in her marriage before she accepted her husband's proposal. Thus, though he is deeply in love with Miss Kenton , Stevens cannot express it - both because he believes it improper to fall in love with one who serves below him in the staff hierarchy, but moreso because he believes that such love would be a distraction.

One in which is noble than others. Stevens, however, cannot speak in terms of love or human desire. Reginald Cardinal loses his father to death and his godfather, Lord Darlington, to Nazi brainwashing. Stevens has to follow Mr Darlington orders and wishes even if he feels uncomfortable.

The third story happens between his father and an army general. Instead of confessing his love for Miss Kenton at this pivotal moment, then, he agrees with her and tells her to go back to her husband.

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The Remains of the Day Themes