An essay on the concept of ownership of property

essay on property

In short, the legal presumption will be governed by precisely the same principles, as in the case of a corporeal commodity. They are qualities, that can neither be weighed nor measured, like corporeal substances. It is equally wealth, whether it be regarded, as some ideas may be, simply as, in itself, an object of enjoyment, reflection, meditation, and thus a direct source of happiness; or whether it be regarded, as other ideas may be, simply as a means to be used for acquiring other wealth, intellectual, moral, affectional, or material.

Galambos taught that property is essential to a non-coercive social structure. For public corporations, common shareholders have no right to receive any of the profit. After many years the increase over time is substantial if the business is profitable.

Whatever structural constraints or disadvantages exist at the creation thus remain an integral part of the entity. For example, the Cherokee Constitution frames the issue in these terms: Sec. It will now be taken for granted, that this point is established, namely, that on principles of natural law, incorporeal things are subjects of property.

Beauty is incorporeal. Common in for instance New York City, Hamburg and Berlin in Germany is a form of real estate ownership known as a cooperative also co-operative or co-op, in German Wohnungsgenossenschaft - apartment co-operative, also "Wohnbaugenossenschaft" or simply "Baugenossenschaft" which relies heavily on internal rules of operation instead of the legal framework governing condominium associations.

It is a right against the whole world.

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What are Property Rights? Definition and Meaning