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Important: Both leaders and followers are important for a healthy team.

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Most job seekers look for a job that is in line with their education and experience. Should you consider to take the leap to self-employment, consider whether the market needs your product or service or how you can create that demand.

If not, what else would you like to be doing?

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What would your rather do all day? What kind of job would make you happiest? Employees typically enjoy more peace of mind, a secure income and social securities such as paid holidays.

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What do you prefer? Be ready to share some examples of how you have enjoyed utilizing those skills in the past. What kind of job would make you happiest? Also keep a close eye on the shortage occupation lists in your country. Subscribe to our job application tips PS. As a Customer Service Supervisor I'm always excited a new challenge, and this job sounds like it offers a lot of that because the company is growing, there's an international component and it sounds like you move fast here. What really attracted me about this job is the interaction with Sales and Marketing, two areas of business I'm especially interested in.

How can you use this information? Do you prefer physical work, intellectual work or do you like a combination of both?

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To manage or not to manage? Extra classes, extra exercises… It often seems that school puts more emphasis on overcoming your weaknesses than on improving and using our strengths.

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What do you want from your job? All you have to do is tell them what you want to do at your job and you can have it. Have you ever wondered what you would do for a living if you had the choice? Try to identify and describe your talents as precise and concise as possible. I have no doubt you will rock and rule at your next interview. Action: If all went well you now have two lists with keywords regarding the content and the work conditions of your dream job. Time to find your dream job! So by stating that these three things, company, title, and salary, are already taken care of, it frees candidates to think about what really matters to them. Subscribe to our job application tips PS. Full-time or part-time? What do you think? Does that sound okay? It is important however to what you are better at. This is because most children are encouraged by their parents, family and friends to show their talents.

Follow up with the news and visit job boards to learn which sectors have job openings and what kind of jobs are needed most.

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How to Answer: What’s Your Dream Job?