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As Miriam Reston recalls, 'I looked at her and said, "My daughter, what have they done to you? What makes me more sad, is the fact the fashuon industry doesnt mourn her death and turns a blind eye.

I think I was the first person to explain it to her - I knew she was anorexic, because someone in my family had suffered in the same way.

She didn't deserve this. If someone out there is struggling please reach out to a recovery center. They're not sick, they're healthy. This encourages a pattern of beauty that is absolutely unreal. Skinny tyranny killed my model girl November 17, — 5. All i ever wanted was to be a model…how ironic i was turning from a pretty girl into a scary looking one. Last November in Sao Paulo, a year-old model, Ana Carolina Reston, died of a generalised infection caused by anorexia. Although anorexia isn't the preserve of the fashion industry, it's hardly surprising that Reston's death has shone a spotlight on the way the business treats its models, and more significantly, on how destructive our current perception of female beauty can be. In Mexico things went from bad to worse. It kills somewhere between 13 and 20 per cent of its victims. If there is someone you love please try and get them help. What will be most constructive is if all those who suffered from anorexia and overcame it or have it under control write here how they did it and what helped them.

Her death made her a martyr in Brazil - her image was splashed across the front pages of virtually every newspaper and magazine, and across the international media. When Laura Ancona, a journalist at the Brazilian fashion magazine Quem, befriended Reston towards the end ofshe sensed immediately that something was wrong.

In August Reston called her employers at the Elite fashion agency and told them she was leaving - she had received an offer from an agent to work in Mexico.

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The death of Ana Carolina Reston, 21, follows growing criticism of the use of underweight models in the fashion world, an issue given new significance after the death in August of Uruguayan model Luisel Ramos of heart failure during a fashion show in Montevideo.

Most medical people have no clue.

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First, This disease borders on insanity.

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Brazilians transfixed by anorexia deaths