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In Thailand there are a few resorts, such as Eastiny Resort and Pimalai Resort, offering similar services at a much lower rate as compared to Banyan Tree.

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However, here we shall only focus on PEST. Power of suppliers 4.

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Selection of alternative Therefore the resort faced the challenge of translating and maintaining the success of a niche Asian hospitality brand into various market segments on a global scale Wirtz The chefs are expected to greet the diner and find out personal preference of how they like their meal to be cooked.

Revenue managers on the other hand use segmentation to deliver a more profitable customer through focused product, pricing and distribution, and to ensure proper reporting and tracking.

Sinceit has aggressively expanded across China and currently operates 11 destinations including Shanghai, Ringha, Lijiang and Sanya. Hall, Colin Michael, and Stephen Page.

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Vehicles Joint venture defined as both parties agreement to develop and grow in a finite time. Banyan Tree had identified a niche in the hospitality market which they wanted to explore through their expertise in management, design and innovation to create a new proposition in the serviced apartment industry. According to Ho Kwon Ping, corporate social responsibility was an integrated part of the Banyan Tree group from the early start. Instead of mass-marketing itself, Banyan Tree actually takes the time to understand the characteristics and traits of a new market and seeks to integrate them into its resorts. The Banyan Tree has become a global name, while retaining a strong local flavour in each of its resorts that makes each one unique. This allows employees to have a sense of ownership and creates a friendly and helpful environment via bonding time such as meal gatherings and travelling in the same mode of transport. Banyan Tree has the capability of maximizing their human resource mainly through staff trainings. Regardless of how the economy is, the room rates stay firm, and there will be no retrenchment. A true visual, taste and smell fantastic journey in Banyan Tree. Therefore, Banyan Tree has to integrate a fair salary system into their corporate strategy, so that is does not stand accused of exploitative labor practices and unfair low wages, which allow for larger margins. Current Situation
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Case study: Behind the Banyan Tree