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It also makes you sound like you have a flashy Oxbridge education, without the bother of having to actually get one.

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A smart but wonderfully accessible read, this book takes you through the entire Western literary canon, munching its way through drama, epic, prose, poetry and beyond. Wilder and Crowe The book is full of pictures and insider knowledge about Hollywood and the process.

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McKee made his name from his incredibly expensive screenwriting classes and lectures. This book examines the very particular beast that is feature film screenplay development from many different perspectives writer, producer, financier etc. Long had a career high-point with Cheers, over twenty years ago, and has struggled to replicate that success since. But this is the one I happen to have on my shelf. Many of the screenwriting lessons consider "standard" at your expensive film school were found and regurgitated from this book. From all of them I have learned something, either about the craft of screenwriting , or the business of screenwriting , or the pitfalls that may await out in the real world. What sets this book apart from the rest is that it comes at writing from a purely magical angle. And have your desk in the corner of the room, not the middle: art is a support system for life, not the other way around. It guides you to organically write the story you want to tell. But this book is a one-stop-shop. The book is full of examples and practical tools for writers at any stage. The end begins when the story can longer go back to the middle.

Read them all and learn from the page. What happens if he does not get it? What is the Three act structure, commonly attributed to Aristotle?

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From inception, to outline, to first draft, polish, pitching, and selling. Invaluable for figuring out how to write a screenplay.

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Lots of books on this list specify one thing. After a certain point you just have to write to get better. This is a treasure trove of great advice and challenges to help you improve your writing. This book makes you believe it. This is definitely the most verbose book on this list but it's also one of the best books on creative writing and the history behind the process of telling stories. Conversations with Wilder by Cameron Crowe A delightful counterpoint to the previous entry. Ripley , you are allowed to take a few chances. The closest example of this type of writing is poetry, where you just enjoy the moment, and forget about plot and story.

This is almost more philosophy than craft, but can help get you out of your own head when it comes to writing and remind you why the stories you have to tell are so important.

The middle starts when the story can no longer go back to the beginning.

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Of course, it needs to be well written enough to keep them holding on past page 10, but you need a great idea first.

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