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What are they doing successfully? Click Done. This shift required YouTube to seek permission from its content creators and rights holders to allow their content to be part of the ad-free service; under the new contract terms, partners would receive a share of the total revenue from YouTube Red subscriptions, as determined by how much their content is viewed by subscribers.

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If you add links to social channels, they will be indicated with social media icons. While this playbook deals specifically with branded content creation and distribution on YouTube, your YouTube content should be part of a broader branded content plan that's not limited to video or even to digital. How do they use their mobile devices? Go to your YouTube channels page. Select the video to use as your trailer, then click Save. Whether it is subscribing to your channel, signing up to a webinar or visiting your website to buy something from you, it is always a good idea to give people direction and purpose in your advertising. You can choose how many links to include. Step 6: Create a channel trailer A channel trailer is a short video that allows you to introduce yourself to new visitors to your channel. Click Continue. Try it free today. Define the Core Content Marketing Strategy First, define a strategically relevant and powerful content territory for your brand. This is often staggered throughout the year. Brand loyalty is easier to instill if a person can identify with it early in the education process. Depending on your brand's identity, you'll find different ways to pique your audience's interest and make them care about your content.

Know who you are trying to reach You know your core audience and your target demographic; now you need to investigate exactly how they behave on YouTube. Hover over the description field and click on the pencil icon to add a channel description.

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Choose a Name This is only for your internal use, so choose a name that clearly describes your campaign. The cost of YouTube advertising can be off-putting for small companies, especially if your core business is dropshipping.

Decide what success looks like: What do you want to achieve with this video campaign?

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Brand loyalty is easier to instill if a person can identify with it early in the education process. Research your competition: What opportunities are they missing on YouTube? The service also included access to Google Play Music All Access, which provides ad-free audio streaming of a library of music. Add video-related details to the audience persona for your target audience on YouTube. The rebranding came alongside the re-launch of YouTube Music , with a separate subscription service focused solely on music that, as before, is bundled with the larger YouTube Premium service, and also offered to Google Play Music subscribers. Growing loyalty Will users be more likely to recommend my brand, product or service after watching this video? Hover over the banner image to bring up the Edit channel art function. On your YouTube channel page, click Customize Channel.

Select the videos you want to include in your playlist and click Add videos. Google AdWords provides four options: Maximum CPV cost-per-view : Costs are based on the number of views and interactions a video received.

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