Business plan ideas for 4th grade

kids business ideas

Podcaster Podcasting can be another viable business opportunity for kids. A book market had shown up, and you could buy neat books. And I remember the other kids, staring at the cash, wide-eyed, and whispering about how much money it was.

So I started baking bread and selling it. Costume Maker Around Halloween, kids who like putting together their own costumes could build a business by making costumes for other kids as well. Snow Removal Then in the winter, you can shovel snow for those same neighbors for another small fee.

Soap Maker Soap is another type of products that kids can pretty easily make and sell themselves. Bicycle Advertiser For kids who like riding bikes around town, you might be able to build a business by offering advertising space on your bicycle so local consumers can see those messages as you bike around town.

business ideas aimed at babies
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50 Small Business Ideas for Kids