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Signal the presence of a nonrestrictive element. Finishing Your Work After you have created a business letter or document, you should start out by reading it over once.

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Computer programs are useful for pointing out passive sentences, subject-verb agreement problems etc. For example, check the spelling, then grammar, then format, then tone, then facts and so on. Link to the test A sample lesson the Center uses in our grammar courses is available for you or your employees to use. Have you used a standard business format e. Also, be careful with dates. How about "comprised" and "composed"? Another trick is to use a non-standard font. Likewise, check percentages carefully. This will help freshen your mind and clear your thoughts. Read it again. If you have to respond to an important email on the same day, write it in the morning and proofread it after lunch. You will connect your ideas and write the letter or document you have set out to do. It is the point at which you start gathering information, details, notes, etc. Have you dated the press release?

While they were more commonly used years ago, before there were computers, some places still routinely use them today. It is easy to write things that seem like they are making sense as you think about them; but when you reread the passage, you can see that it does not make a lot of sense. For assistance, call or send email to.

Use a spell-check function on your computer program if possible.

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Two-word numbers should be written in numeral form. Create a list of those that trip you up. The speed limit was 45 m.

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For example, if your assignment was to write a complaint letter to another company, did you state what the complaint was clearly, how it can be handled, etc.? Once you write something, it is very difficult to immediately switch gears and start editing and proofreading. Active and Passive Verbs Nothing wrong with active or passive verbs. Increase the point size or use the zoom tool to make the text easier to read. Test Proofreading a Business Letter To proofread means to read a text carefully to check it for errors and general tone. Did you include the date? Type "proofreading marks" into an internet search engine, and send the list to your fellow proofreader.

The quiz is a teaching tool you may use freely.

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Unit 8: Proofreading