Can youth make india a superpower

Rather, both are processes that continue to evolve over a lifetime. Food processing accounts for USD Moreover, it is predicted that in the long run, India being a democracy will provide it an edge over non-democratic competitors like China.

india an emerging superpower

With the kind of the ethics and the faiths that India has professed and propagated, it is in the favor of the entire world and humanity for us to be there, on the top.

The youth of a nation is like unmolded clay, it is thus highly important that this clay be properly handled so that it becomes a masterpiece in the future. Hence, India's neighbors such as China and Pakistan remain distrustful towards India. Thus, India lacks the ability to extend its influence or ideas on international events in the way superpowers do.

This enthusiasm promotes the fact that failing in an attempt or two is okay but giving up is not!

india rising superpower

Since Independence, India has regained its more progressive schools of thought, like - democracysecularismrule of law, esteem for human rightsrational deductive reasoning, development of Science and Technologyetc.

According to the revision of the World Population Prospects, the population stood at 1,, To be on the top, we need hard working people and guess what? India has third largest Armed Forces with strength of over 1.

India superpower 2030

Many individuals guided by the joys and fearlessness of youth are becoming entrepreneurs and are coming up with innovative solutions to help the society. It is considered the World's Office and is leading in the Services Industry. Tertiary and quaternary sector India currently has an expanding IT industry which is considered one of the best in the world. This ability further is an index of what we are to achieve in nears time. The power of youth on all fronts can never be ignored and thus, hopes are high for this mission as well. Coming as it does after the surgical strikes against Pakistan in and the Balakot air strike last month, Mission Shakti is expected to burnish the nationalist credentials of PM Modi and the National democratic Alliance NDA , which has been putting emphasis on indigenously developed technology, skills and enterprise. The southern part of India is responsible for the lion share of technology and advancements the country has made. The youth of today can help tremendously in boosting the economy of the nation.

Air force The Indian Air Force is the fourth largest air force in the world. Political obstacles Lack of international representation: India is not a permanent member of the UNSC, although currently it is one of the four-nations group actively seeking a permanent seat in the council.

It is predicted that within a couple of decades, India will emerge as an economic superpower.

the things which can make india a superpower
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Role of youth in making India a Superpower