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As the story begins, the character of the husband has a negative personality Although the title suggests that the story is about a cathedral, it is really about two men who come together and share a vision and realize it is he who is blind.

This uncomfortable feeling is called discomfort. Although at first he seemed afraid to associate with a blind man, Robert's outgoing personality left him with virtually no choice. However, metamorphoses occur in humans as well. The fact that the blind man is easygoing and looks at life from the perspective of a teenager is actually what influences the narrator in changing his perspective on life and on society as a whole.

Tips on critical essay writing: Critical essays are very interesting both to read and to write. At the beginning of the story, his opinions of others are filled with stereotypes, discrimination and prejudice. Specifically, when critiquing the work of another person, it is unacceptable to solely concentrate on the negative aspects of the literary piece.

Sometimes we have vast knowledge of certain ideas. The narrator, whose name they do not mention as well, is always on edge because he does not really know Robert very well and he does not like blind people, but he is being friendly for his wife's sake The narrator in Cathedral has full use of all his senses, unlike the blind man, Robert, who is introduced very early in the story.

The story revolves around three characters, a husband Bub, his wife-unnamed, and a blind man-Robert. Conclusion Cathedral is a very easy for reading story, but rather sophisticated in nature; it keeps the reader engaged from the very beginning to the end.

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