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I played a hiding game with Alexis again and she was able to find the object even after long delays and seemed to think this is was great game. Ava appears to be on an above average path toward her physical, cognitive, social, emotional and moral development.

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Alexis is very active and is a very social baby. She is involved in student leadership and plays leadership roles in a couple of school clubs California,p. I found out later on when she was older that she enjoyed science very much.

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Alexis is able to play with both boys and girls at school, but mostly plays with girls. I also learned when a baby loses weight they can become lethargic from lack of energy due to not eating enough. When I returned home Noah seemed more than happy to see me and for the majority of the following evening he demanded almost constant attention Berk,pp.

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An interest in boys has started during this age period particularly with various "hottie" rock stars or actors. Mere decisions made during infancy can affect a child long term, physically, cognitively, and even emotionally. She always told her parents that she wanted to remain the baby, so no more siblings I felt this way after I was able to interact with my ten month old niece. My parenting style is a direct result of how I was raised by my parents and the retrospection of how other children that I grew up with were raised by differently by their parents. The way in which we parented Ava could have contributed to this by strict rules and compassionate nurturing. By the time 19th months were ending, he had begun doing repetitive exercises. However, I did not use money as an incentive for good grades — that was expected from both my partner and me. Children and Their Development. She always wanted to learn and she always did great in her academics. Past two years of age, he had begun learning from environmental events by way of manipulating images and symbols. These three examples are what I base my parenting style on and are at the forefront of my thinking often when making important decisions regarding the raising of all my children, including Ava.

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I answered a series of questions regarding my parental actions for various stages of development.

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Realizing that this was normal for teens, it helped me see that not everything was my foster parents fault when I was a teen, some of it was actually me. This experience with my virtual child was a very important one. She also played a little bit of Tennis one summer.

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Noah had a great family relationship with his father, sister, and myself and demonstrated a secure attachment from an early age. So I would encourage her by talking back with her. She has taken to staring at herself in the mirror and refusing to wear certain clothes that she thinks make her look big. My Virtual Child gives people the opportunity to see the outcome of their child through the kind of parenting techniques they decided to use. I gave birth naturally with my partner by my side. I have to renegotiate household rules more then I use to with Alexis. Would you say that your child is primarily overcontrolled, undercontrolled or resilient? Alexis is able to hold her own in conversations with adults, and uses some surprisingly difficult words in her speech. Female associated traits are called expressive, and describe emotional functioning and individuals that value inter-personal relationships Ruble, , p. Included will be examples from the class textbook and the My Virtual Child program to support the behavior of Ava at the different stages of her development. California, , p.
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