Conflict and resolution

Getting to Yes: Negotiating agreement without giving in. Reconciliation has since been documented in spotted hyenas, [25] [26] lions, bottlenose dolphins[27] dwarf mongoose, domestic goats, [28] domestic dogs, [29] and, recently, in red-necked wallabies. During conflict, cooperators collaborate with others in an effort to find an amicable solution that satisfies all parties involved in the conflict.

It is also helpful to understand and recognise emotion in both yourself and others. A mediator might read the current guidelines of the lumber industry and tell you which kinds of wood are considered safe for children. Our page on Giving and Receiving Feedback explains more about this approach, and contains some useful ideas to help you communicate in ways that are more likely to be heard.

Our eBooks are ideal for anyone who wants to learn about or develop their interpersonal skills and are full of easy-to-follow, practical information.

Write a clear purpose statement for the meeting. In other words, you should explain the effect of particular behaviours or actions on you. Different types of primates, as well as many other species who live in groups, display different types of conciliatory behavior.

Conflict Resolution Strategy 3: Accommodating Accommodating is a strategy where one party gives in to the wishes or demands of another.

conflict resolution strategies

Your mediator can help both sides agree upon a standard by which you'll judge your resolution. The escalating costs of conflict have increased use of third parties who may serve as a conflict specialists to resolve conflicts.

Once they are entrenched in a particular position, it will be embarrassing for them to abandon it.

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Conflict resolution