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The report further said India's HDI for is 0. About The report, released annually by the UN Development Programme, said India's rank of puts it in the "medium human development" bracket, which also includes nations like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, Kenya, Myanmar and Nepal.

Female participation in the labour market is 27 per cent compared to For every 1,00, live births, women die from pregnancy related causes; and the adolescent birth rate is India's score for overall life satisfaction was 4. In addition to women and girls, the report points to "patterns of exclusion and lack of empowerment" of people in rural areas, indigenous peoples, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, migrants and refugees, and members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community.

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Flipboard India ranks in UN's human development index New Delhi, Sep 14 India climbed one spot to among countries in the latest human development index released Friday by the United Nations Development Programme.

The report launched in Stockholm yesterday found that although the average human development improved significantly sinceprogress is uneven, with systemic discrimination against women, indigenous peoples and ethnic minorities. India has made no improvement in its ranking over the previous year, despite the Human Development Report for noting that foreign direct investment favours countries such as China and India.

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India ranks th in Human Development Index: Things you should know