Elf writing activities

You might be surprised what they can come up with.

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Use this video to help get the info you need to get started. So I thought a few elf diary writing prompts might be fun, too!

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Marshmallow Bubble Bath — Fill one of your organization bins with mini-marshmallows so your new Santa-reporter can soak in sugar for the day. Elf Names — This list of names is a great place to draw some suggestions from.

Afterwards, we researched online about the origin of Christmas elves. Playing a Board Game — Find a stuffed friend for your room to play a game like CandyLand and leave them to get caught in the act. Rolled Up in Paper Towel — The easiest to set up on the list. Classroom Elf Activities Whatever the problem, we can solve it. I use the details they give me to write my next letter from the elf. Since I am your special elf, the magic lies with you. So off they went to write about it. I created a shorter, more structured prompt for beginning writers, and a more advanced one for older students. Before reading it, I had the kids write how they thought Santa came to have his elves. I had to differentiate for the boys due to their varying abilities.

I saw someone post something recently on Facebook about finding out what your elf name would be. The more official looking, the better. My Elf is Stolen!

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Elf Writing Prompts and Ideas