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Thus firms should be in a position to identify and take advantage of the weaknesses of their competitors. The overview focuses on reconciling seemingly fragmented views on innovation management. However, this interdisciplinarity has led to ambiguity in the way organizational-level innovation management is conceptualized and empirically examined.

Therefore, it could be argued that China was a famous nation with creative power at the ancient and modern times. The first three essays examine how the components of the innovation management system relate to each other and affect financial performance in different business contexts.

I also suggest that the effectiveness of an innovation management system is contingent on the congruity between its internal components, its external fit with other subsystems of the organization, and with the conditions of the business environment. Be honest and critical of your contribution and that of your different teammates.

Market orientation, innovation capability and business performance: insights from the global financial crisis. One of the most important factors to consider when analyzing the level of competition in the market is the level of innovation.

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Innovation Management Essay