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David has clearly grown at Amherst, and he is looking forward to growing more at Penn. Nevertheless, I loved every minute of my time in Israel. Paragraph 3: Offer specific reasons why you want to leave your current school. Based on my current transcripts, I believe that my efforts have enabled me to obtain the basic academic qualification needed to join UVA and that the business provided by the McIntire School of Commerce will match my academic interests and assist me to pursue my business career. Related: Warning! As a community of passionate learners and intellectuals we can spread the message to student groups in colleges that protecting the environment trumps our desire for the most wrapped-up, elaborate, expensive packaging. It is tight and concise. Why are you applying to this school in particular? It seems to be a real partnership, with teachers who are truly interested in helping their students meet challenges and be the best they can be. You could: 3. That said, he has many things going for him — he is coming from an equally demanding college where he has earned good grades, and he seems like the type of student who will certainly succeed at Penn.

Continue Reading. At Central State, the small class size and the seminar formats have presented a great setting in which to learn.

The essay here includes reasons for transferring to a specific four-year school, Northern State. Whatever the reason, refrain from speaking ill of your current school. Pages: 1 words January 03, The paper "Reasons for College Transfer" is a perfect example of an education essay.

A Final Word on David's Transfer Essay David's college transfer essay does exactly what an essay needs to do, and he includes the features of a strong transfer essay. Many colleges and universities now use the Common Application for transfer applications, requiring transfer applicants to write a Common Application essay describing the reasons for transferring and to also write several school-specific supplement essays.

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Dishonesty shows. David is pleasingly specific in presenting his reasons for transferring. My time in Hazor was not easy—wake-up came at a.

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Notice also how Example 2 above could serve as the opening paragraph, as it also establishes a couple core values creativity, excellence, entrepreneurship, practicality. Show that you put time and care into your writing.

Emphasize what you like about your target school, not what you dislike about your current school.

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