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Theoretical framework of person centred counselling

The individual is the own expert who can determine their own journey of their reality and can heal themselves with the core, being the relationship itself. In his early years, Detective Stabler had a difficult time with his parents; his father physically and emotionally abused him Agnelli, Second, I have found that while I understand from my own experience how hard it can be to break deeply ingrained social habits, I have not tried to persuade him to copy me in my strategies to 6 do the same in the past. This will be done by outlining the theory of the counselling relationships and the theory in practice. For me, CBT in offering intervention and gentle coaching helps a client on their journey to self-healing and a seed can be planted and therapeutic change can happen outside the counselling session. But we must remember that its real value lies in recognising that its application will be as varied as the people it seeks to help, and that its power lies in helping people realise that it is they who are the agents of change in their life, rather than a counsellor or any model of therapy. First, I have made an effort not to judge him in any way for attempting to stop drinking, or for finding it difficult to do so. This creation of a false self is corrected with unconditional positive regard, empathy and genuineness. Self-determination, inherent worth of the client and intersectionality are three of my core values. All relationships are a commitment by two parties, and I feel that when a client asks for help in a counselling relationship, they have at some level made a decision to do so.

I wanted to understand the similarities and parallels while respecting the fact that, in practise, I use both models. She makes the decision of honesty for herself. Without this, the psychological contact can not be established as Rogers deemed necessary, and the therapeutic relationship would not exist.

person centered therapy reflection paper

But while such a simple statement might strike a chord with us at some deep level, it is clear that real life is more complex, and this realisation is borne out when we consider our own relationships.

There are issues when trying to relate with others when it comes to ethnicity, religion, gender, socioeconomic system, sexual orientation and many others. Wyatt Eds. While I have found that my girlfriend has asked me to share what I have been learning, this itself has been potentially disruptive to our relationship as it has sometimes led to a comparison of our relationship with the relationship between a therapist and a client.

Person centered therapy techniques

Being a physician. Only in this sense can we accept Rogers approach as truly person-centred. These constructs are vital to ensuring and promoting a transparent and honest atmosphere which subsequently results in effective counseling Again my preconceptions are challenged for the benefit of my practice. Australian Journal of Rehabilitation Counselling p Person-Centred Rehabilitation Counselling, p 30 Unconditional Positive Regard Unconditional positive regard refers to seeing a client in a non-judgmental way that is free of the conditions that client might have been experiencing within family, friends and society. As a counselor it is our duty to not be biased or judge clients with such diversity even if they do not match our personal views. References 1. I challenged my counsellor to provide me with more support and help.

I have done this to better understand Rogers ideas by trying to use them in my own relationships, and also because I share his view that they have potential value as catalysts for growth in all relationships, and not just within a formal therapeutic setting.

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