Ethical case studies in palliative care

She was certainly uncomfortable. Dyspnea and cough are disabling. This case discusses the dilemmas that occur when a patient does not heed the advice of a doctor, and what obligations do the patient and doctor have in maintaining the patient-doctor relationship.

She had an advance directive, which indicated that she did not desire any surgery, antibiotics, resuscitation or tube feeding.

Hospice patient case studies

Patient wished to return to his home. Article Content Nurses frequently confront ethical dilemmas in their clinical practice especially those associated with end-of-life EOL care. The patient is very debilitated and weak. Case Study - Unprepared to Talk About Dying Pat is having a difficult time giving consent for the "Do Not Resuscitate" order for her year-old father, because they never had a discussion about dying. Going beyond efficacy: Strategies for cancer pain management. Case Study - The Case of Claire Conroy An year-old non-ambulatory nursing home patient was confined to semi-fetal condition with "sever organic brain syndrome. An individual can have both a guardian and a conservator, the same or different persons. GRAY Many ethical principles are not in themselves really debatable: EXAMPLE Respect for the privacy of the patient But become problematic in specific circumstances Many ethical dilemmas occur when two ethical principles collide Privacy of course is a good for the patient, but what if he asks you not to tell his wife of an STD RE abuse of power, what if the abuse of power is to enroll the patient in a study which the MD already believes will not benefit the patient 7 Ethical principles in hospice and palliative care Basic ethical principles have changed over time Hippocrates guidelines for physician behavior AMA code of ethics first published in to guide physicians. No evidence of the prior infiltrates found.

How does the principle of justice come into play in medicine? Son does giver her alcohol to drink daily as desired. This case raises questions about obstacles to open communication about death and goals of care.

Clinical Issue: Provide Education.

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This last solution would be difficult to implement because the cooperation of the patient is absolutely needed for the kind of treatment required. A nurse experiences moral distress with being told to continue monitoring a year-old patient's blood work as long as she remains on blood thinners.

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Do we agree with this? Each patient as a competent adult, who should be given full information to understand the situation and the options, may choose his own course of action. However, a treating physician can face dilemmas, because research that involves patients near the end of life creates numerous ethical challenges. An individual can have both a guardian and a conservator, the same or different persons. CeCe is a 37 yo woman whose difficulties with the medical world started at age 5 when she developed precocious puberty. The patient can experience dynamic changes in physical and psychosocial symptoms. Asked for hospice admission instead! This exemplifies the need for patient's autonomy, beneficence vs. Patient had a history of victimization, of poor choices and poor judgment. One-third of the nurses said there were institutional or personal barriers that prevented the ethical dilemma from being resolved. Important counter to excesses of beneficence. He stated that he would not certify her for hospice care and was going to have her declared incompetent immediately to halt her from going to hospice.

It is now recognized in most countries that relief from pain is a legal right and availability of morphine is a societal responsibility. What should happen to this patient when she is in a state of progressive spastic quadriplegia with irreversibly contracted extremities, but doctors say she could live another thirty years Case Study - The Case of Helga Wanglie On December 14,Helga Wanglie, 86, fell in her Minneapolis home and broke her hip.

Is this the only option?

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Ethical Issues Experienced by Hospice and Palliative Nurses