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He has a B. The profit is bountiful and guaranteed. Customer satisfaction. Or you rent space from the owner of the station for your cooking gas station. The company as such operates within clearly defined health, safety and environmental rules. Movement of petroleum products on your own from the depots to your filling stations involves many risks, accidents, fire, extortion, and cost. Reliant filling station or dependent oil marketer is a filing station that holds the product of another marketer. Security in this country as you and I know is a total mess. So before investing a dime to erect a fuel station, it is important that you conduct a critical research. You are an Dependent Marketer when you holds the Franchise of a Major oil Marketer to market under their name with your own facility fully branded by them. The list of users for the two products speaks volumes on the nature and size of the market,. Joining is FREE! And all you need to know how to start this mini cooking gas station immediately — faster than you can read this article. He performs other basic supervisory duties.

Fair and lowest possible prices. This is even so when one considers the few industrial gas plants in the country today compared to the demand for these products.

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Until the cashless policy turns out to be completely operational and embraced by each person, security will dependably be a top need in this business. This could be the question on your mind right now!

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The company as such operates within clearly defined health, safety and environmental rules. The liquidity profile is equally very encouraging with a cash balance of N, at 31st December year 5.

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You are getting the picture clearer now. How much do you have presently, how much money you can pool in the nearest future are questions that must be answer before you venture in setting up this business.

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How to Start Filling Station Business In Nigeria