Global big business is the most

However, amid the Cambridge-Analytica privacy scandal, misinformation, bias, user data, and potential regulation, the company declined.

Many of the services they provide Facebook and the search engine Google, for example are free to use.

largest companies in the world by market cap

But that may not matter. Berkshire Hathaway BRK.

richest company in the world 2018

They should offer good value to customers; support their workers with training; be inclusive in matters of gender and race; deal fairly and ethically with all their suppliers; support the communities in which they work; and protect the environment.

Focusing too closely on ever-changing share prices and investor sentiment rather than on underlying fundamentals can be misleading. It is part owned by well-known investor Warren Buffet.

A bull market, strong U. Other rankings, thus, turn to other metrics to determine "largest.

largest companies in the world by profit

Environmental, social and governance ESG criteria have come to play a role in more and more decisions about how to allocate financial investment.

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The World’s Largest Public Companies List