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In the case of Tinker v. Body: This is the heart of your essay, usually three to five paragraphs in length. Peer pressure helps students grow as individuals. Basic camping skills everyone should know. Are women better parents than men? Obscenity speeches are defined as outside the boundaries of the First Amendment protection. School day needs to involve less sitting and more exercise. Even though most of these freedoms seem innate to our lives, most have been earned though sacrifice and hard work. Is competition good? The Electoral College is outdated. Overweight passengers should pay for two plane tickets. Workplace Modern offices should have facilities for an afternoon nap. The restriction over the cable TV and broadcast media subjected by the Federal Communications Commission violates the freedom of speech, irritating the dissatisfied public by controlling over what can be said on the air.

Human development depends primarily on environmental factors. Smith Goes to Washington" to be subversive or wrong.

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Should we join the rest of the world and adopt the metric system? Pros and cons of allowing school students to use their phones in school territory.

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You're sure to find a sample topic or two from the list of persuasive essays below, sorted by degree of difficulty. The law on freedom of speech is not absolute. The restriction of smoking in public places violates rights of citizens Should military or navy service be mandatory for all the US citizens?

Garbage disposal should not be free to encourage recycling example: Switzerland.

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Democracy is the best form of government. Is year-round school a good idea or bad? Would it be effective to restrict the number of children in an American family to a certain number? We should tax churches like any other business. We should allow pets in school. Why should a business understand its target group s? Should parents tell their kids stories about birds and bees? The theory of black holes is yet unclear. Is the Bermuda triangle a creation of our imagination? How listening to music could improve your day. Computer literacy should be increased. But with hate speeches becoming increasingly common, many wonder if it is too great of a price to pay, or one that we should have to pay at all
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Good Persuasive Speech Topics For College Students