Handwriting analysis grapho deck cards

Then take a key ring and loop through those holes.

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They just spill their guts! Open the Grapho-Deck Cards and hold them in your hands as you read the rest of this manual so you can learn some of the individual traits that will make you as popular as fresh cold iced tea on a hot summer Georgia afternoon.

The second or third sentence describes the behavior. The Instruction Card is a condensed version of this booklet. The Level course reveals 99 traits and the advanced mastery course takes you up to over traits.

We have students in over 17 countries learning this skill via our correspondence course. And you know what? Can you imagine an entire Trait Dictionary that fits in the palm of your hand? And I thought, as a parent, he probably knew some of that stuff, anyway.

I was doing something nice for them — I was analyzing their handwriting. Or get the Handwriting Starter Kit 6 items for just a few dollars more and even download the Grapho-Deck Flash cards today, from the online site Everybody felt that I knew and understood them at a very personal level.

The fact remains that people are, you see, enthralled with handwriting because they love it when you talk about them.

handwriting analysis grapho deck cards
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