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Rifkin is currently advising the European Commission on the deployment of the Smart Europe initiative and will be working with the formal regions of the EU in the creation of road maps to deploy the new economic narrative and vision across Europe.

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In Rifkin's revised edition of Entropy If Rifkin wrote such an essay 5 years ago, it is likely that no one would have paid attention to his analyzes. The process has already begun.

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In other words, when capital becomes labor. This is proof that we actually shifting paradigm to achieve something new, which requires reinventing the concepts that we have used so far to understand the economy and society.

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At a time when scientific institutions are struggling with the public understanding of science, there is much they can learn from Rifkin's success as a public communicator of scientific and technological trends. Alas for Mr. In this book, Rifkin is fascinated by the phenomenon of goods for which the marginal cost of production is zero, or so close to zero that it can be ignored. Bluntly put, I have spent more than thirty years actually doing what Rifkin is glibly intellectualizing about. The book is a blitz of trend-speak. Musicians must own costly instruments, be paid to perform, and require other capital goods such as recording studios. Rifkin delivered a keynote address at the Global Green Summit on May 10, That ABS plastic, or whatever, has to be produced. Rifkin will not have this, because for the narrative he wants these constructions must conflict with each other. I have experienced, recorded, and in some ways helped create the elaborate network of manifestos, practices, expectations, how-to documents, institutions, and folk stories that sustains this commons. This has a lot of personal weight for me, because I have lived in and helped construct a hacker culture that maintains a huge software commons and continually pushes for open, non-proprietary infrastructure. The particular offence for which I knew Rifkin before this book — wrong-headed attempts to apply the laws of thermodynamics to support his desired conclusions — reappears here. If you price software as though it were say consumer electronics, you either have to stiff your customers or go broke, because the fixed lump of money from each unit sale will always be overrun by the perpetually-rising costs of technical support, fixes, and upgrades. Atoms are heavy. All of the present-day examples of these he points at are information goods — software, music, visual art, novels.

The Foundation examines the economic, environmental, social and cultural impacts of new technologies introduced into the global economy.

He presents it as only as a store of value and a convenience for organizing trade, one that accordingly becomes less necessary as marginal costs go towards zero.

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The book was a New York Times best-seller, [34] and has been translated into 19 languages.

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