Joseph arthur gobineau essay on the inequality of the races

According to Gobineau, these are Hamites and Semites.

The passing of the great race

They are not known in historical times at all, and we cannot form even the most general idea of their qualities. It think I now have all the data necessary for grappling with the problem of the life and death of nations; and I can say positively that a people will never die, if it remains eternally composed of the same national elements. Gobineau stated, "Jews Many of his works were published posthumously. The biblical division into Hamites, Semites, and Japhetites, according to Gobineau, is a division within the white race. Not at all; for while the blood of the civilizing race is gradually drained away by being parcelled out among the peoples that are conquered or annexed, the impulse originally given to these people still persists. Since I am putting together the advantages of racial mixtures, I will also add that to them is due the refinement of manners and beliefs, and especially the tempering of passion and desire. Every founder of a civilization would wish the backbone of his society, his middle class, to consist of such men.

I assume that there will be new conquests; and, every time, a current of fresh blood will be mingled with the main stream. In this passage, Gobineau argues that racial differences are permanent.

It will change what it can usefully modify, and replace it by something better. Each stage of a perfect mixture produces a new type of diverse elements, and develops special faculties.

From the very day when the conquest is accomplished and the fusion begins, there appears a noticeable change of quality in the blood of the masters. Henceforth, as the nation grows, whether by war or treaty, its racial character changes more and more.

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Mademoiselle Irnois and Other Stories. I will give it the better part, and assume that it will conquer.

InGobineau served as French emissary to AthensGreeceand inhe moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazilto carry the same position. It is fairly obvious that the time when the disappearances take place will vary considerably, according to circumstances. The world of art and great literature that comes from the mixture of blood, the improvement and ennoblement of inferior races — all these are wonders of which we must needs be thankful.

Joseph arthur gobineau essay on the inequality of the races
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