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They said Another aspect of culture is the way knowledge workers perceive knowledge as a depletable resource that needs to be hoarded or as an asset whose value increases with sharing.

Many organizations have invested substantially in projects involving KMSs assuming they will contribute to improved performance. Chapter 1: Overview 1. Another citation from De Long and Fahey was more detailed and descriptive about the impact. A similar view by Alavi see knowledge as personalized or subjective information related to facts, procedures, concepts, interpretations, ideas, observations and judgments which may or may not be unique, useful, accurate, or structurable.

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There will be a continual relationship among economic, industrial, social, and cultural transformations and evolution in managing knowledge according to Wiig, ; Drucker, H0: The norms and disciplines of an organization have little to do with the success of the knowledge management practices.

The majority of cited views in the journals were confident about the impact of knowledge management on the performance of business processes.

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A business process is a set of logically related tasks performed to achieve a defined business outcome" according to Davenport and Short Meanwhile, Davenport and Prusak provide a pragmatic approach to describing processes in a KM lifecycle.

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