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Dissertation Abstract International, Vol. The emphasis was on learning as an intrinsic value in its own right: education was not a prelude to some other advantage such as an academic qualification or a better trained workforce; it was an end in itself rather than a means to an end.

making the familiar unfamiliar

Psychological Review, Passi, B. Besemer, S. Dacey, J.

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The present day classroom transaction system provides little opportunity for creative work. His co-worker was female and from a different ethnic background. Bibliography: Abruzzo, E and Others Influence of training in creative thinking and problem solving on the creative behaviour of fifth grade pupils. A The associative basis for the creative process. The nurses working in a structured hospital context were less likely than those working on their own initiative in the community to engage in the higher levels of reflection and to be aware of opportunities for learning Such 'noticing' will include an awareness of 'what is happening both in and around oneself' Creativity is not only concerned with the creation of novel products but it is very much concerned with innovation of original solutions to problems at hand. The various models of experiential learning conceptualise the interaction between experience and learning through the process of reflection. Psychological Reports, Vol. Presenting a process in this way conceals the integrated nature of the activity. Wheeler publishing, New Delhi. In Journal of Advanced Nursing vol The context of the experience affects the quality of the reflection.

B Advanced Educational Psychology. An article based on this dissertation is being prepared for publication.

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Reproduced from Conference Proceedings, pp. These generalisations naturally conceal many subtleties of interpretation, but the general intention of LAE was maintained during a century in which educational opportunities for formerly excluded groups expanded. Studies in the Education of Adults. Khandwalla, P. J Unwin Local history group research projects in adult continuing education. J Analysis of creative products: review and synthesis. Psychoanalysis and Contemporary Thought, 21, p. To continue thinking unchallenged is, ninety-nine times out of a hundred, our practical substitute for knowing in the completed sense'6. We cannot simply tack-on superficial assessments to courses designed for other purposes. The role of the adult educator is to facilitate this learning in a non-threatening environment Hooda, R. When Amanda, Tessa, Doug and I met up again we shared what we learned, but once again we Vikas Publishing House Pvt.
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Making the familiar strange