My life struggle with overweight and how i overcame it

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Because I believe we have all been woefully let down by governments who would rather arrest ill-educated parents of fat children than put basic safeguards in place to stop people making bad lifestyle choices. I sat quietly while they discussed boys. But what if you learned that the secret to losing weight was not down to your lifestyle habits - perhaps it's all in your genes?

And yet, like my own parents, they don't appear to be bad people - just naive and uneducated on how to deal with the situation in which they find themselves.

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I crawled faster than all the other babies because my uncle was at the finish line holding out an ice cream cone for me. They may have even provided some quick results, but you ended up right back where you started.

At school, the physical and emotional bullying from other kids, just because I was fat, was humiliating. By Friday I was physically and mentally exhausted from dieting, and when my family ordered a Dominos Pizza that evening, I didn't have the willpower to stop myself.

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She tried to encourage me to lose weight by offering money as an incentive. I know some people who make their children incredibly aware that they are overweight.

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Childhood obesity: 10 of your stories