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While Dafoe is his usual terrific self here, the filmmaker's bold choices do more to befuddle than to awe. The film is infuriatingly uninviting to audiences who might have missed even one of the phase three stand-alone films, and the script arrogantly refuses to offer any structural exposition or reminders of who all of the dozens of heroes we're expected to cheer on are.

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But Ralph and Vanellope's adventures in the land of Wi-fi are fraught with danger and threats to their friendship. Minding the Gap Nominated for: Documentary feature Nothing makes you feel inadequate quite like director Bing Liu, who made this Oscar-nominated documentary at the age of It is a shame that Heller was left off the Academy's boy club of best directors, because hers is one of the finest films of the year.

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Who might make Oscar history, and how should we read some of these tea leaves? Hey, at least there were a lot of great Queen songs in it! Vice Nominated for: Best picture; actor in a leading role Christian Bale ; actor in a supporting role Sam Rockwell ; actress in a supporting role Amy Adams ; directing; film editing; makeup and hairstyling; writing original screenplay Sorry Christian Bale, but the ability to gain and lose weight does not an Oscar-worthy film make.

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Capernaum Nominated for: Foreign language film Lebanon's foreign language Oscar entry tells the story of year-old Zain, who, born in the ghettos of Beirut, decides to sue his parents for giving him "life. But this is far more than a powerfully-acted movie — director Marielle Heller has created a real gem in this story about the death rattle of the New York publishing industry, unlikely friendships, and, above all else, loneliness. In the end, Dogs is perfectly fine — I mostly enjoyed myself, and then walked out of the theater and barely thought about it again. The sounds you did hear in the film, and the negative space around them, were all the more important. I found myself wishing that Buster Scruggs' other chapters, including "The Gal Who Got Rattled," had been fleshed out into feature films instead of thrown together in this inconsistent anthology piece. Nevertheless, the film was a huge hit with audiences even as it was mostly panned by critics. Bohemian Rhapsody Nominated for: Best picture; actor in a leading role Rami Malek ; film editing; sound editing; sound mixing Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody was plagued with scandal before it was even completed. Free Solo Nominated for: Documentary feature Even knowing how Free Solo ends — with Alex Honnold successfully summiting the 3,foot face of Yosemite's El Capitan without ropes — I was in a state of anxiety and borderline nausea for the entire runtime.
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