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Within the European Union, the Lisbon Treaty reaffirmed the position of sustainable development as one of the fundamental objectives of the EU.

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That was not important then…she was there. The economic value of professional sport is built upon the work and performances of athletes and they need to be remunerated fairly. Choices I was told and expected to accept by the social norm.

Then I had stop flexing my youth, and boasting of my conquest. These were our friends…we did not know anyone else except our parents introduced us to other family members or church members. This network provides the ideal platform for young volunteers to work together on cross-border activities such as international conferences, seminars, exchanges, training courses, and case study trips.

Commercial interests of federations and leagues mean that athletes can get caught in a position of conflict between their employers and their national team, which can be detrimental for the players and the sport itself.

Strategic to NEPAD transformation vision in this study was the aspect of the high growth potential of green economy related jobs as a result of increased climate change regulation and the need to develop energy efficient and renewable resources to replace traditional biomass source of energy that has negative impacts both on health as well as on ecology deforestation.

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Importantly, Member States have a responsibility to protect the rights of every person under their jurisdiction — also when the potential infringement comes from private entities, such as sport organizations.

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Position Paper on Education for Sustainable Development