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After unsuccessful sieges of both cities, Philip's influence all over Greece was compromised. Philip was thought that the nobleman's son was able to receive education at the king's court. Philip also attacked Abdera and Maronea, on the Thracian coast — When he became a teen he started to go into the military.

In spite of these blows, he still dreamed of reaching Persia and its riches.

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The assassin immediately tried to escape and reach his associates who were waiting for him with horses at the entrance to Aegae. A little while after, he proceeded to conquer the Persian Empire, making himself one of the best military leaders in ancient time. On the obverse is the head of Zeus, laureate. Philip II concentrated in ancient Macedonia. Ancient Greek biographer Plutarco talks about her marriage about Mary Philippe's marriage. After the Persian war, the Peloponnesian war took place, which was led by sparta. Centuries later, this version was to be narrated by Diodorus Siculus and all the historians who used Cleitarchus. In BC, he intervened effectively in the war between Thebes and the Phocians, but his wars with Athens continued intermittently. Philippides also succored Philip's campaign in Eleuthera, Tenegra and Thebes. The Macedonians were demoralized by Philip's death and were subsequently defeated near Magnesia by the Achaemenids under the command of the mercenary Memnon of Rhodes. However, the king was not to see the edifice for which he had laid the foundations, because in the last weeks of , his army was defeated by the Illyrian king Bardylis. While it is impossible to know the exact motive behind the assassination, Philip's legacy is much clearer.

This was no longer an army of citizen-warriors but one of professional soldiers. In October, bc, Alexander decided to go back to Macedon and get ready for his expedition in Asia.

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In order to achieve this goal, he started an expansionist policy. The latter seems to have been anything but discreet in manifesting her gratitude to Pausanias, according to Justin's report: He writes that the same night of her return from exile, she placed a crown on the assassin's corpse, and later erected a tumulus over his grave and ordering annual sacrifices to the memory of Pausanias. Using a feigned retreat that created openings for his cavalry, Philip won a great victory over the Greeks. It was an 8 to 36 men deep rectangular mass formation made for heavy infantry soldiers. There were no hostilities with Athens yet, but Athens was threatened by the Macedonian party which Philip's gold created[ clarification needed ] in Euboea. C in Babylon, Persia. The city also controlled the road from Macedonia to Thrace. This is exaggerated, but it is true that king Amyntas III, Philip's father, found it difficult to defend his country against its neighbors, and more or less had to lease his own kingdom from the Illyrians. Thanks for watching! In BC, he intervened effectively in the war between Thebes and the Phocians, but his wars with Athens continued intermittently. Next, he restructured the traditional Greek phalanx, providing each individual unit with its own commander, thereby allowing for better communication. As they are father and son, Philip II did a lot less than his son Alexander. C, he united the Greek city-states and led the Corinthian League.

Alexander was born inthe same year as Philip's racehorse won at the Olympic Games. Not only were the Thracian rebels defeated, but also Alexander captured.

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Philip II of Macedon