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Experience and skills are the foundations of professional competence. Professionalism in the military is important as it requires soldiers to have the skills that will enable them to complete the assigned roles.

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The quality of professionalism is not restricted to those in occupations with high level of education or high earnings. Professionalism help soldiers to be objective when making important decisions. Being vibrant and energetic is encouraged in every work environment. Introduction: Ethics education in the military. Professionals are reliable, and they deliver their promises. If Conscription, the practice of ordering people by law to serve the armed forces were enforced then we might not have to let ten year old girls endure such hardship Treating other people with respect earns the military professions a good reputation. Professionals soldiers are determined to help the civilians without engaging in unethical acts of rape, abuse, violence, and intimidation of the civilians. Soldiers should be honest and always stand for the truth Evetts, After nearly a decade of war the Army has decided to focus on creating professionals rather than just creating warriors. Soldiers maintaining high levels of professionalism will treat colleagues and civilians with respect no matter the situation or challenges associated with their role. Professionalism, however, can take on many different forms which depend on where you work and the type of job responsibility you have Without discipline, soldiers can cause damage to property and life while undermining victory. The method of how a man should conduct himself in pursuit of a profession is professionalism.

The search for knowledge is the only way to assure proficiency in craft and cope with adversity and uncertainty. Assessing the Army profession.

Professionalism military history essay

In respect of the institution, they have to abide by the highest standards. Those involved in wars are expected to maintain extreme levels of commitment, discipline, and skills.

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Professionalism is a necessity for all members of the military from enlisted to the highest ranking of officers. A soldier has to be specialized in the skills he needs: infantrymen must be able to shoot straight and accurately, engineers must be able to build, and a pilot needs to be able to fly.

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