Reflection on there eyes were watching

I started searching for papers through the databases available through the school but was having somewhat of a hard time finding papers using those keywords.

their eyes were watching god gender roles

Despite the happiness Janie feels with Tea Cake, Hurston makes it clear that she has not found an ideal man. Accordingly, all of these differences and fallacies are reflected in the name Logan Killicks. One of the papers that I used for my presentation discusses the way that naming is used as a form of power in the book.

In the same way, women are perceived during that time to have a lesser acumen in terms of intellect and technical knowledge. I suppose that the upside in all of this is that Janie did ultimately did find her true love and even if they only had two years together on earth, they will soon be together in Heaven.

Janie was the envy of the other black women. She moved to the Everglades with Tea Cake. He gambles. I figure that Janie dying would give the book the class tragic lover story ending — woman spends her life looking for something that she does not quite know what it is, she finally finds it; only to have it ripped away from her soon after and of course her own demise is rapidly approaching.

They also give her an outsized appreciation for her freedom. Any subject.

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Reflection on “Their Eyes Were Watching God”