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In times of a bad harvest, he has little money to buy seeds and manure and runs into debt. Generally, he is illiterate. It went good for some time but afterwards the USA started blackmailing us on trade. What is his income? So loan-facilities are available so that a farmer can use modern farming equipments than the traditional ones. When the crop ripens, he feels happy He reaps it, thrashes it and takes the corn to the market. Does he use modern technology? I also thought that in villages, women move around in their designer lehengas. Government is trying to find firm solutions for these problems. In the following Indian Farmer essay I have tried to touch all the issues which the farmers of our country are facing currently.

Reasons for Agriculture being in such a Bad Shape Changing of Climate due to Global Warming Flood and Drought Due to global warming and some other reasons, the climate of the earth is changing.

The new concept of 'natural farming' is a revolution and a boon for the farmer.

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This makes farming unprofitable. The condition of the farmers is getting from bad to worse. They are committing suicides, are trying to leave the profession, migrating to cities, and could not even able to manage 2 square meals a day.

What is the Indian government doing to improve his condition? He works in his field. He has to take care of the crops. He can raise an irrigation system for a sure water supply. The same logic is valid even today.

A farmer in India is a basic unit of Indian economy. He has to apply compost and fertilizers.

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There are many reasons for it. The recent GAT contract has opened the world-wide market for agricultural outputs and products to the farmers. I was really very excited. The wave of development has touched him as well. They continue to live a life of poverty and misery. Their being educated helps them a lot. Even after that they continue to live a life of poverty. Conclusion We have come a long way since Independence but still a lot has to be done. It is called so because majority of Indians are directly or indirectly involved in agricultural activities. It would not be wrong to say that farmers are the backbone of our nation and also, they are the driving force behind the Indian economy.
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