Strategyanalysis of bangladesh pharmaceutical industry

Beximco Pharma has already identified some attractive niche markets where the investment is negligible as compared to its expected returns in terms of profitability. These types of political calamities spoil countrys reputation as a whole and subsequently foreign authorities become reluctant to inspect the pharmaceutical companies.

Beximco Pharmaceutical LTD. Drug Spending Trends Increased spending on prescription drugs is often attributed to higher prices for existing and new drugs.

Square Pharmaceutical is the market leader having Strong HR team.

pharmaceutical industry in bangladesh 2017

Change in Exchange Rates: If we consider the status of occurrence of the change in exchange rates, we can see that its potential. The following measures have been taken: i.

Current gmp practices in bangladesh pharmaceutical industries

If the government put restriction on foreign medicine than local pharmaceuticals can grow. The decision-making processes will be guided by the objective, non-discriminatory and transparent guidelines and procedures. The new policy also helps better and strict monitoring of illegal activities and malpractices in the industry. Research supported by the National Pharmaceutical Council developed the methods needed to identify the specific price and volume factors responsible for increased drug spending. Total revenues are highly dependant on sales from a small number of drugs. Terms Terms and conditions of sales are almost same for every company, since the profit margin is almost same for every product. Core Competences Resources and capabilities that we have, serve as a source of competitive advantages over the close rival. On the other hand, the new, bigger, pharmaceutical companies are competing more and more with one another, and, in order to stress their products, might adopt a more aggressive sales strategy. This policy also helps in setting up of plant for producing raw materials i.

On the other hand Square pharmaceuticals also produce ACE for reducing the fever. International market International market is also another very lucrative sector for BPL.

challenges of pharmaceutical industry in bangladesh

To enter into the pharmaceutical industry firm needs large amount of capital investment and expertise. This may make it difficult to isolate implementation as anindependent activity in practice.

Problems and prospects of pharmaceutical industry in bangladesh

Consistently delivering high quality products Today, the name Beximco Pharma has become synonymous with trust and reliability. Capable to handle Raw materials. They will try to maintain their status que by producing premium quality medicine. Bangladesh pharmaceutical industry possesses excellent chemistry, skilled workforce and process reengineering skills. However, the local and foreign banks working in Bangladesh have been supporting export activities of any kind through extending their foreign trade services. Some companies have got the license of global brand. Some companies have got the technical guidance from the globally reputed pharmaceuticals company. As a result price wars among the existing firms. Pharmaceutical companies also appoint medical representatives and assign them defined territories. Number of Licensed Chemist Drug seller 68, nos. They must bind to follow to the government policy for continuing their business operation. On the other hand incepta will try to increase their production capacity to reach the market leader. A good combination of several major elements may bring success for any new entrant in this sector and these are as follows: a Product characteristics companies are selling common products, such tablets, capsules, syrup liquid etc. Corporate level strategy involves Horizontal Integration Acquiring , Merging Vertical Integration Expanding operation backward into industry that produces inputs for company or forward into that distributes companys products. Some companies have strong research and development department.
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Beximco Pharma Strategy