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While Penn State football is now trying to wiggle out of the penalties imposed by the NCAA, the lesson of according tremendous power, fueled by sports revenue, to a college program remains pertinent.

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But is a football player or an ace b-baller or a twenty game winning pitcher really a hero? He has been the highest paid athlete now for five years in a row.

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Accessed October 16, I have done my research, and it is clear to me now what a great job being a professional soccer player is. Being an athlete creates a large amount of income early in life, but that income decreases to zero once retirement comes around.

If sports fans continue to fuel the overhyped worship of celebrity sports figures, we should only expect more of the same egregious behavior.

At the end of the war, the Soviet Union had stationed troops in Manchuria and northern Korea, and after considering the military and geopolitical implications a Soviet occupation of the peninsula could have on the region, the U. Some feel that athletes are greedy people who have lost care for the true meaning of their salary, the love of the game. Everyone makes mistakes, but professional athletes take the fall harder due to their fame and fortune. Human beings first find their heroes among warriors and spiritual leaders and men and women of imposing intellect. The Greeks were devoted to sports: they were, of course, the inventors of the Olympic games. Those include basketball, football, baseball, hockey, tennis, and the list goes on to any athlete that gets paid to play. And this only counts the reported cases, excluding instances where a friendly cop looks the other way to protect a team or a sports star.

We worship athletes: we swoon at the feet of simulation heroes. Boulder: Paradigm Publishers, The players: we treat them like Hector and Achilles and Aeneas and Ajax.

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Why do we glorify athletes?