The dominating role of stanley in a streetcar named desire a play by tennessee williams

In return for her submission, Stanley either uses her body or beats it, depending on how he happens to be feeling at the time.

social issues in a streetcar named desire

In the play's beginning, two minor female characters are chatting. New York: W.

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The ease with which they communicate demonstrates the casual acceptance of diversity in the French Quarter. At the end of the play Growing up, Williams was not healthy; and because of that, he did not relate to other boys his age. However, her story lives on in the minds of the audience. To challenge the institution of absolute male authority in Southern society. Blanche pleaded with Stella to leave her abusive relationship with Stanley; however, she was unwilling to do so even when she was being physically harmed. His father was a drunk; he did not receive much love from his father Baym, Evidence points to the fact that she sold her family's estate, "Belle Reve", and squandered all the proceeds on fine clothes.

I believe that Williams was affected by the harsh treatment of women in Southern society. At the end of the play To regain respect from peers and from Stella, he tries to regain is status by loosing his temper, and proving how powerful he is.

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She stands her ground, deciding not to give in to Stanley's authority. Williams, Tennessee.

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The Setting for Williams' 'A Streetcar Named Desire'