The importance of the puritan setting in the scarlet letter by nathaniel hawthorne

The importance of the puritan setting in the scarlet letter by nathaniel hawthorne

What makes you cringe? In the end Hester escapes the iron rules of Massachusetts Bay Colony, later to return of her own volition. The two lovers address each other wonderingly—almost as if each doubted that the other lived. The summary of the story The novel, The Scarlet Letter, is about the struggle three people face while trying to live their lives and find happiness in a Puritan society. The meeting between Dimmesdale and Hester takes place in the forest, away from the stern, repressive laws of society. They spent their whole life trying to find out their destiny, whether it might be heaven or hell. SparkNotes LLC. If the forest did not exist, or if its secrets would have been better known, The Scarlet Letter would lose an important symbol and hiding place. Because Adam and Eve were willful and disobedient to God, they brought upon mankind the curse of depravity, sometimes called Original Sin. Hawthorne speaks specially to American issues, but he circumvents the aesthetic and thematic limitations that might accompany such focus.

Throughout the entire book, Hester was looked down upon though slightly less as the story progressed, and treated like a second class citizen. Critical Commentary in the scarlet lettersymbolism in the scarlet letter abstract: the scarlet letter is the first symbolic novel in america playing a very important role in studying symbolism in american literature.

This is because the actions of individuals are put in the spotlight for public scrutiny.

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In The Scarlet Letter, " Nothing was more common, in those days, than to interpret all meteoric appearances, and other natural phenomena, that occurred with less regularity than the rise and set of sun and moon, as so many revelations from a supernatural source" Hawthorne Throughout the book Hester is searching for the meaning of life.

Hester and Dimmesdale's intercourse would not have the gravitas in today's society, so the tragic and life-controlling impact of the story would be greatly reduced.

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Puritans ideology and lifestyle On the other hand, Puritan ideology is very important for Puritans for they designed their lives after that. One does not exactly know who is destined for heaven, but hold the generally idea that reverends are sent by God to help people.

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The first members of the Boston Puritan church are required to make a public acknowledgment of their sins. Although only Hester know that Dimmesdale is the father, she has promised Dimmesdale not to reveal his identity.

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The Setting of The Scarlet Letter