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The clock worked beautifully for nearly forty years, until it got burned and destroyed in a fire on the day of Benjamin Banneker's burial. Astronomy and Surveying As Benjamin grew older, he began to take interest in the stars. Outside of his almanacs, Banneker also published information on bees and calculated the cycle of the year locust.

He painstakingly carved the toothed wheels and gears of the clock out of seasoned wood. Twenty-eight separate editions of his almanacs are known to have been published.

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Typical of these random notes was an entry on the very first page of the journal, under the date of 23 December Death and Legacy Benjamin Banneker died on October 9, on account of old age and long-term alcohol addiction. Firstly, Banneker came from an African-American family, which had been subjected to slavery and racial discrimination.

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However, there is no proof whether this is a fact or an exaggerated myth. I therefore Conclude it must be a great Earth Quake in some part of the Globe. A tobacco farmer, and amateur astronomer, Benjamin Banneker was an inspiration for his mathematical achievements.

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10 Interesting Facts About Benjamin Banneker