The mats by francisco arcellana

The mats by francisco arcellana

I am sure that the children will be very pleased. The silence brought about by the topic also symbolizes respect for their lost siblings. The smell was always the smell of a new mat. It seemed to Nana Emilia always as new as when it had been laid on the nuptial bed. The children's pleasure at the golden letters even before they could work out the meaning was boundless. All of them are in deep silence because they cant with stand the topic. But his homecoming-from a trip to the South--was fated to be more memorable than, say, of the others. Climax The highest part of the story is wherein they all get the mats but there are 3 remaining mats that must be unfolded.

I askedhim to weave a sleeping-mat for every one of the family. The others who aren't here A puzzled, reminiscent look came into his eyes, superseding the deep and quiet delight that had been briefly there, and when he spoke his voice was different.

The lighted part of the house was in silence for about a couple of minutes, all of them were eager to turn their faces just to avoid to see the face of their father and mother. Angeles wrote again: "I am taking the Bicol Express tomorrow. Nana Emilia always kept that mat in her trunk.

Angeles was saying over and over again in his deep voice: "You are not to use these mats until you go to the University.

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There had been deaths It almost seemed a burden a father should share on his own but it can also be taken as total family bonding even with members that have passed and placing a spirit of history in the children. I can hardly wait to show them to you.

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Francisco Arcellana