The metaphors of love and sea in the poem dover beach by matthew arnold

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Assessment Questions 1. One critic saw the "darkling plain" with which the poem ends as comparable to the "naked shingles of the world". The relationship is that the sea is not a symbol of hope and independence, but rather of misery and of constraint. Another found the poem "emotionally convincing" even if its logic may be questionable. But now I only hear Its melancholy, long, withdrawing roar, Retreating, to the breath Of the night-wind, down the vast edges drear And naked shingles of the world. Who was Sophocles? A classical poem with a pessimistic or tragic appeal.

What is the poet reminded of in the poem Dover Beach? What kind of mental frame did Matthew Arnold have? It is one of his most characteristic poems too. In the final stanza, the speaker directly addresses his beloved who sits next to him, asking that they always be true to one another and to the world that is laid out before them.

Bradbury has Montag read this specific poem to the ladies because of the many similarities that it shares with their society, specifically the discovery of the unrelenting sadness in the world, the human suffering, the loss of faith, and Matthew was six years old when he was moved into the Rugby School after his clergyman father Thomas Arnold became its headmaster or principal.

The poem has all the suggestiveness associated with great poetry. There's a problem with this paper. Transition to Philosophic Meditation: The transition to philosophic meditation comes in the second stanza. In a sense, Arnold is announcing the big question for the modern world, intent on forcing love to bear the enormous weight of providing human lives with meaning: If love is all humans have, what do they do when they cannot find love, or keep it?

He describes an ancient battle that occurred on a similar beach during the Athenian invasion of Sicily.

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Who is the speaker of this poem? To critics who conclude that ll. Expression : The idea is expressed in the form of a beautiful metaphor. Arnold employs no epithet of colour in Dover Beach. However, it is not just a beautiful beach that the speaker wishes his lover to see. In what appears to be the test of ultimate sacrifice god, appearing as a burning bush, asks Abraham to take his only son to the mountain and kill him with a knife. Answer: Arnold has Religious faith. The speaker of the poem is a young man.

He is far too meditative a poet to be lyrical. James 's character Adam Dalglieshthinking about his response to a police officer after having discovered a murder on a beach on the north-east coast of Norfolk about "walking and thinking" on the beach notes that "I was thinking about the clash of ignorant armies by night, since no poet walks by the sea at moonlight without silently reciting Matthew Arnold's marvellous poem.

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Out and in, returning ever, a cycle unending.

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Dover Beach Poem Summary and Analysis