The plague of gang activity and violence throughout the cities of america

Gang crime is exploding nationally—rising 50 percent from to —driven by the march of Hispanic immigration east and north across the country.

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Debate has recently heated up over whether Mexican immigration—unique in its scale and in other important ways—will defeat the American tradition of assimilation. Government and business invested in first-class community centres, schools and public transit, using parks, gondolas and escalators to bring different parts of the city together.

Among Hispanic teens, at least, if not among their parents, the stigma of single parenthood has vanished.

Of course, gang problems in Los Angeles schools are hardly confined to academies for delinquents like Soledad. An 8-year homicide incidence rate was calculated using the number of homicides per square mile — in a zip code as an outcome measure for the multivariate analysis, while controlling for population density to account for rural—suburban—urban differences in zip code and population sizes. We selected of those zip codes to merge with homicide mortality data and other covariates for analysis. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics , young black women ages 18 to 19 were almost five times more likely to be imprisoned than white women of the same age in In California, where Latina teens have the highest birthrate of teens in any state, 79 percent of teen births to U. Initially, descriptive statistics and bivariate analysis of the identified variables were conducted to assess the independent relationships between each independent predictor and homicide rates per square mile. Today, no end is in sight to the migration from Mexico and its neighbors, which continually reinforces Mexican culture in American Hispanic communities and seems likely to do so for decades into the future. Tensions were high again as school let out one day this April. In early March, a gunman opened fire on 20 students entering the school at am, wounding two. Notwithstanding such seemingly damning statistics, though, we have all seriously misunderstood the origins of the almost-paralyzing violence that our most racially-segregated communities now experience and, as troublingly, we have seriously mischaracterized the nature of so much of the violence that the residents of these communities suffer. Hispanic youths, whether recent arrivals or birthright American citizens, are developing an underclass culture.

The trends in teen parenthood—the marker of underclass behavior—will almost certainly affect the crime and gang rate. Bush or Barack Obama to enact national gun-control measures.

gang violence in america statistics 2018

Therefore, argue Barone and others, Mexicans will, too. In Los Angeles, only 48 percent of Hispanic ninth-graders graduate, compared with a 56 percent citywide graduation rate and a 70 percent nationwide rate.

gang violence in america 2018

By contrast, at the turn of the twentieth century, the largest immigrant group, Germans, made up only 15 percent of the foreign-born population.

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