The truman doctrine and the marshall plan

The collective continental approach to the aid was one made to ensure its approval in the Congress, and it was therefore as much an exercise of domestic policy in action than just foreign policy Cromwell As Europe became a vacuum, the two remaining powers felt it imperative to step in to protect and project their own foreign policy interests Gaddis In the strict sense of the word the combined effect of the Marshall Plan and the policy of Containment created the structure with which the previously uncodified and loosely felt, yet inevitable tensions were spiralling around before mid In FebruaryKennan, an American diplomat in Moscow, sent his famed " Long Telegram ", which predicted the Soviets would only respond to force and that the best way to handle them would be through a long-term strategy of containment, that is stopping their geographical expansion.

marshall plan cold war

I believe that we must assist free peoples to work out their own destinies in their own way. Kousoulas, D. In the words of Hadley Arkes, the Marshall Plan dissolved the ambiguity in the post war European arena and consummated the Cold War Cromwell However Cromwell notes that this approach, whilst making some interesting points, ignores the domestic factors that contributed to the Marshall Plan in Washington.

In this sense, pushing for integration in Europe — albeit something that was only really intergovernmental cooperation at this early stage in reality — enabled America to remake the battered and bruised old world in the new world image of a successful and stable economic order Marsh Much has been written of the initial American offer of this aid to all of Europe excluding Spainincluding nations aligned or under the influence of the Soviet Union, and to the Soviet Union itself, which was included in the plan as both an aid recipient and an aid provider — which Stalin rejected.

Kennan — proposed the doctrine of containment in This thesis maintains that, although on the surface this sounds similar to Soviet domination in the Eastern bloc, both America and Western Europe had compatible goals. At the very least they would have a significant initial advantage in any such move Poole It may be possible that focusing on American and Soviet motives in dividing Europe underplay the influence of the European nations themselves in determining their fate.

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The Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan