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Unfortunately, profiting on leasing is not as easy as it sounds.

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Further, Sun Pharma was targeting US and European markets with cheaper copies of biotech drugs where it had to become more innovation oriented The financial health of Ranbaxy had deteriorated since along with a decrease in investments owing to loss incurred on foreign currency derivatives.

Sun Pharma had the challenge to align its finance, technology and human resources to achieve the synergies projected. On charging infrastructure issues, Raman said, "As per our study, 60 per cent of people don't have their own parking. Car companies, then, are able to push more cars through.

It maintained a sales mark of over 1 lakh since the beginning of the fiscal year. Increased pressure from shareholders has caused a consolidation of the industry: more mergers and acquisitions will take place over the coming years Technological Technological advances always create new business prospects.

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Thanks to social networking which has certainly an effect on the way people think. The ranking is based on sales, profit, assets, and market value. In the past five years, Maruti has doubled its sales outlets to 1, Rationale behind acquisition of Ranbaxy: Both Ranbaxy and Sun Pharma are established names in the pharma industry worldwide and have operations in a number of countries. The SX4 on the other hand exudes more musculature. The transformation of the company from an aging family business into a formidable model business player occurred under the able leadership of Anand G. The deal took place at a crucial time when Ranbaxy was trying to improve its financial position, thereby possessing a challenge for Sun Pharma to restructure its finance. Verdict: So far so good.

The life expectancy increase has increased aging population too which can be capitalized. Engine — performance, power, torque, fuel economy, smoothness: The Global Ford Fiesta is available with a 1.

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The global motor vehicle industry four-wheelers contributes 5 per cent directly to the total manufacturing employment,

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Maruti Suzuki posts highest market share in more than a decade in July