Write a note on the hazards related to use of agrochemicals

The lack of a legislative framework regulating the use of pesticides also contributes to the high incidence of poisoning in developing countries [ ]. When disposing of pesticide wastes, respondents adopted unsafe practices such as discarding, incinerating, or burying empty pesticide containers on-farm, or reusing the containers.

Harmful effects of fertilizers and pesticides on environment

Pesticide residues have been detected in a number of vegetables in Kuwait [ 21 , 22 , 23 , 24 ], and the presence of chlorinated pesticides in the breast milk of lactating women has raised even greater concerns about possible health risks to breastfed infants [ 25 ]. Specifically we aim to: Determine the knowledge and awareness of the farmers regarding pesticides, and their experiences with acute pesticide poisoning in connection with handling pesticides. Developmental impacts were mainly described as behavioral or cognitive, particularly those related to attention-deficit disorders and motor skills [ ]. Just as the benefits of pesticides are real, so are the risks. Since then, however, decline in birds, wild bees, and aquatic organism populations have been continuing [ ]. Synthetic pesticides are classified based on various ways. Pesticide use can be influenced by age [ ], gender [ ], perceptions [ 90 , 91 ], level of knowledge, pesticide retailers [ ], and even cultural or planting differences [ 92 ]. Get Help Now Does your neighborhood have a pollution problem? Children have not developed their immune systems, nervous systems, or detoxifying mechanisms completely, leaving them less capable of fighting the introduction of toxic pesticides into their systems. As a result, mankind is exposed to the mixture of pesticides via the food consumed and the environment around. What is an inert ingredient? Although industry tests for a wide range of environmental and health impacts, the vast majority of pesticides currently on the market have not been fully tested.

As explained above, both point and diffuse pollution sources of pesticides, herbicides, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs are usually anthropogenic. Keywords: pesticide exposure, knowledge, risk, health hazards, smallholder farmers 1.

If the answer was yes, respondents were asked to specify which symptoms they had experienced.

harmful effects of pesticides in points

In recent years, people have been exposed to several types of substances with broad spectrum due to the rapidly evolving technology. In the meantime, people will continue with the routine application of pesticides to get more crops.

Use of pesticides in agriculture

Carson presented a harsh picture of environmental consequences of careless pesticide employment. Farmers, and especially those directly involved in the handling of pesticides, are at a high risk of exposure to pesticides through contact with pesticide residues on treated crops, unsafe handling, storage and disposal practices, poor maintenance of spraying equipment, and the lack of protective equipment or failure to use it properly [ 8 , 10 ]. This could be linked to usages of newly synthesized pesticides that are present in every kind of habitat on the world. Therefore, the aim of the work described in this paper is to assess the levels of knowledge, attitude and practices of Kuwaiti smallholder farmers regarding the safe use of pesticides. However, agrochemicals are not completely inefficient. This includes substances that kill weeds herbicides , insects insecticides , fungus fungicides , rodents rodenticides , and others. Introduction Pesticides have become an integral part of present day farming, and play a major role in increasing agricultural productivity.

Soil is a major reservoir for a variety of pollutants [ 77 ] and is a secondary emission source of contaminants to surface water, groundwater, and air [ 78 ]. They are necessary to regulate different functions, in particular growth and reproductive functions.

Over time, individuals suffering from MCS will begin to react adversely to substances that formerly did not affect them.

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Agrochemicals and their Effects on Soil, Water and Air