Write around the room recording sheet for students

write the room recording sheet

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Children love Write the Room games because they love to wander around the room, move, and get active.

Have the kids go around the room, finding the letters. He was immediately engaged and got right to work! Once students have written each of their ideas on separate pieces of scrap paper, have them fold them up and place them into a jar. There was an error submitting your subscription. Keep the learning going all year long and keep your students engaged by changing out the themes! Here are three Write the Room activities that Pre-K children can do. The items can be anything from a photograph of someone in space to a button from a jacket.

Now check your email to confirm your subscription. Classroom activities to boost the fun factor and keep students engaged.

Write The Room! Roll the Dice Roll the Dice is similar to the build a story writing center activity in the sense that students get to choose their story elements. Students can choose any of the sheets in their basket! I showed him how to find a card, unscramble the word , and write it in the corresponding box on the printable. Question 3: Do you differentiate? Create a Story Foldable Students must create a story foldable that includes their main character, what their character likes, what makes their character special, as well as what their character does. As they find each letter, they write the letter inside the outline using their color. The kids were so motivated to do Rainbow Write the Room, and everyone was engaged in the activity! Card stock works better since these are hanging on the wall and the stiffer surface of card stock is easier for the kids to write on especially with an uneven surface like cinder block walls. For example, Griffin has green, Josie has red, Macy has purple, etc. Students find the picture and write the word!

Keep it on hand for days when your learner is having a hard time sitting still. He was immediately engaged and got right to work! The items can be anything from a photograph of someone in space to a button from a jacket.

Attach these all around the room to the walls and on furniture.

write the room blank template

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write the room blank template
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