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How to write design brief in architecture

A Product brief is critical to getting the most out of designers as they can focus on what is required and not waste time on the wrong tasks. Does the client want to bring more traffic to their website, encourage people to sign up to an event, increase sales, build trust or change the way their brand is portrayed? Will it operate independently or part of a larger system? However, not all business owners will have this information. Did you perform an audit? Some useful tips that can help you create an effective design brief are listed below. What need does it fulfil or problem does it solve? Hopefully this gives you a good understanding of how to write a great product design brief. Who is the target audience?

Please note that it can take up to 15 minutes for our email to reach your inbox. The brief should always be as short and simple as possible so avoid long and complicated text. On the other side of the coin, if you want a brand new website, it is important to consider if you also want them to create the content or is it you who will provide it.

Scope of the work required It is important to clearly state the scope of the work that you wish a designer to undertake. Objective: Reiterate the goal that was outlined in the initial client brief or project assignment.

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Standards, compliance, environmental What standards does the new product need to meet? Written by Johan Persson. The product-brief is a map. What is it called? If the client has any important dates for which they require certain design elements to be ready, such as the opening of an online store or a product launch, that should be stated.

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Working on your brief this way allows you to clarify goals and objectives, receive input from important stakeholders, and, ultimately, hold both parties accountable for the final product. Write clear recommendations for what needs to be done by the team to find success. In here, you must mention the changes you wanted to be done. A good design brief will clarify the concept and objective, and make sure that everyone on board is aligned. Scope of the work required It is important to clearly state the scope of the work that you wish a designer to undertake. A few working hours on a good brief writing at the beginning of the project can save you a great deal of time and money. Project overview First things first: what is the actual project? Basic details on the brand Whether the client is a music production company, a high school or a large corporation, having some background info and context is always useful. Think of it like the foundations of a house — if the foundations are not well planned and solid, the house may collapse! Design requirements By including specific design requirements in your design brief, you can ensure you and your team has everything needed to work efficiently and meet client expectations. While focusing on getting a fresher look for your website, it is also important to consider your content. Keep in mind a few best practices when editing your document: Never apologize in a design brief Keep it succinct Only talk about design features that have a direct correlation with a problem Examples:. Ideally you should have researched this and should be able to tell the designers who the product is aimed at.

To give your designer a more specific illustration of what your dream website looks like, provide them a few numbers of inspiring websites.

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How to Write a Design Brief to Keep Your Projects On Track